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BIOFIR - The Wonder of Bio Sun
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Kalung Kesehatan Biofir Bio Genetic Energy from Far Infrared Rays
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Professor Li Dong Qi is a leading exponent and authority in the field of Far Infrared Ray Technology and Bio-ceramics, with over forty long years of original research done in this area. She is currently the leading Pioneer Consultant for all FIR and Bio-ceramic related technologies and applications.

Among the many situations and facets we come across in our entire life time, good or bad, there are certain inevitable issues or rather realities, such as confrontation with various ailments, death and the inevitable ageing process. All these are a part and parcel of nature and life that goes around it, hence it is necessary to confront them with a positive attitude of the mind. None of us wish to be involved with any of the ailments that befall upon us. Nevertheless, we need to be on our guard and take adequate measures to prevent interaction with such ailments, complying with the old Chinese saying “You can own everything but health.”

The most important thing that all of us desire in life is to have a sound good health, without which no other cherished desires can be achieved. There are two ways of maintaining good health. One is to foster the five natural elements of nature and use them to counter the onset of any ailment. The other is to protect one self with various tonics and medication leading to a lot of inherent side effects, creating other ailments in the process.

Between the two, the former method of prevention is most desirable to contain all types of sickness from attacking our bodies. Among the known preventive methods, one can avoid illness by vaccination, ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness in our daily lives, taking firm measures to create a clean environment to live in and taking adequate precautionary measures for the intake of clean and healthy food as well as fresh water.

It is also necessary, that apart from adhering to these norms, we need to also abstain from unhealthy habits. It is matter of paramount importance for all of us to be aware of the ground realities of this polluted world and be conscious enough to consume healthy food, which will in turn strengthen our bodies by providing increasing body resistance and immunity against diseases. Consumption of proper healthy food would enhance and strengthen the physical functions of various parts of our body, which would provide us the much-needed immunity to fight all illnesses. In addition to this, we also need to maintain a natural balance of our ecology by proper disposal of waste through biodegradable technologies.

Coming from the ages, through evolution, man has made a wonderful progress in the development of Science and Technology. Using all the resources available in the natural environment and over a period of time, we have begun to exploit these resources to a point, where the very benefits have now turned into potential sources of human extinction. We are the ones who are continuously destroying our own living environment without realising the same.

As already stated earlier, the five essential ingredients that constitute a healthy lively ambience for man to live in i.e., air, fire, soil, water and sunlight, have in today’s context been misused to the core. The time has now come for people to realise this self made grave folly and learn to coexist in harmony with the natural environment and create necessary steps to stop and reverse the ecological imbalance.

Looking back 50 years in time, one can confidently say that the highest incidence of fatal diseases like malaria, polio, smallpox, plague, cholera, jaundice etc, had afflicted mankind to such an extent, that it drove them to counter these ailments through the development of modern science and technology, eventually containing and eliminating such dreaded diseases.

Nevertheless, in our fight against eradicating all fatal diseases, we are still confronted with the dreaded Cancer and Aids. Today’s survey shows that these devastating diseases thrive on account of environmental pollution as well as on account of massive doses of acidic based food items.

As is known to all, the Sun is the only planet which has not been polluted and it is a known fact that, all life form in this planet exist on account of the Far Infrared Rays emanating from the Sun. This life giving force constituting almost 80% of the Sun’s rays is so very essential to our existence.

The advancement of Science and Technology has taken its toll, in systematically but slowly destroying the Ozone layer, which used to protect the harmful rays of the Sun like X-Rays, Cosmic Rays, Ultraviolet Rays, from reaching us, thus preventing dangerous ailments like Skin Cancer to proliferate. As a result of this uncontrolled misuse of natural resources for technological advancement, the depletion of the Ozone layer has caused people to avoid sunlight almost totally, live and work indoors with minimum outdoor activity.

Today’s lifestyle across the globe, are in stalk contrast to those lived by our ancestors. It is a known fact, that our ancestors worked and lived directly under the Sun for their livelihood, thereby building a greater body resistance when compared to us. They were comfortable in drinking water drawn from rivers, pools and lakes, which were not polluted as compared to the present day scenario. This contrast is mainly attributable to our careless attitude and regard for the environment, which we live in, while making technological advancements for a better living. This has resulted in us creating a situation akin to plants in a greenhouse, unexposed to the environment around us. We have voluntarily confined ourselves in a modern greenhouse avoiding sunlight to the maximum.

It is an irony of technological advancements, that we have now embarked upon finding alternatives more as a mode of escape rather than facing the self made natural onslaught and making attempts to reverse the same. To cite an example, we feel comfortable to stay indoors in order to avoid the harmful effects emanating from the Sun’s X-Rays and Ultra-violet Rays. We make attempts to avoid consuming food, grown from soil which is laden with fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals including man made waste, by developing and eating “Safe food – Green food”. With regard to natural water which is undoubtedly polluted the world over, with industrial waste and other pollutants, we have found methods of filtering, sterilising, purifying this polluted water and transforming it into pure distilled water and ionised water.

Such being the state of affairs of our so-called technologically advanced world, it has now become a luxury to live a natural healthy life, where the quest for longevity is but a paradox. We have voluntarily brought ourselves into a vicious circle from which there is apparently no get away. Under these circumstances, in order for us to sustain and live a good healthy life, amidst all these man made dangers, we need to tap into the goodness of present day health products, which are reliable to the extent of strengthening our body in terms of resistance and immunity, to confront and take on the various diseases effectively. This along with adequate exercise and proper nutritional intake could perhaps lead us to lead a healthier life style.

In today’s market, there are umpteen different types of health products catering to the needs and uses of different strata of society. To the best of our knowledge the most effective amongst such health products are those which are constituted and developed with Far Infrared Ray technology. It is but most natural and logical for all of us to accept that, the innovations emanating from this State of the Art FIR Technology has no side effects on the human body, as it is essentially the goodness of the Sun that is absorbed into our bodies, creating a healthy outlook for oneself.

During my 40 plus years of scientific research in the field of Far Infrared Ray Technology, I have always worked towards discovering Rays for reducing the incidence of diseases and methods to deal with illnesses through a natural process. In my years of experience in the field of alternative medical research, I have identified many factors in our natural environment, which contribute to harming the human body, factors that are beyond our control. However, on the other hand, I have also discovered that there are other positive factors, which can restore the human health to large degree. This has been made possible from the huge source of power generated from the Sun that is so beneficial to mankind and known as Far Infrared Rays.

An attempt has been made by me to explain the benefits of using Far Infrared Ray technology products using bio-ceramics as the medium based on my research in this field of Science. I am confident that the reader will find the contents of this book more interesting and resourceful in terms of gaining knowledge in a totally lesser known field. It is for you to use these products in its supportive therapy capacity, side by side along with the prescribed medication, in your quest to seek relief from modern day ailments.

Health - A Cause for concern:

The fundamental prerequisite for sustenance of all life form in this planet is the judicial use of the primary natural elements like air, soil, water, fire and sunlight by mankind. If this happens, the human race can coexist with the natural environment in harmony, but the facts speak otherwise, what with the growing deterioration of the environment day by day, our existence in this planet will soon become a question mark. Out of the five prime elements, only sunlight remains in its purest form. Here again on account of large scale industrialisation, the ozone layer protecting this planet and all its co-habitants, is slowly being eroded by the day causing the harmful rays of the Sun like ultraviolet rays to penetrate the protective layer and cause harm to all life forms.

As a consequence of this unabated global industrialisation, people refrain from exposing themselves to sunlight, for fear of getting skin cancer. This has resulted in us changing our work habitat, by confining ourselves to an indoor air-conditioned environment, thereby cutting out exposure to Sun almost totally.

On account of this in-exposure to sunlight, the normal functioning of the human body takes a beating. The blood circulation in the body slowly goes down, which in-turn reduces our metabolic rate and this has a cascading effect on the functions of all other internal organs. As a result, the human body becomes absolutely weak in terms of immunity and resistance and finally gives way to permitting various ailments and diseases to enter into the human body.

Defining Health:

We all know that good health provides the foundation for an individual to live much longer life. Healthy bodies are full with vigour and vitality. Whereas, unhealthy bodies give way to prolonged exhaustion and overall weakness throughout ones life. Hence it goes without saying, that all of us need to maintain good health and protect our body from the onslaught of various ailments.

In pursuit of finding ways and means of preserving good health, man has evolved right from times immemorial, effective methods for preserving health with resources from nature playing a dominant role. However, all the various methods and doctrines evolved during the ages, are partially successful on account of limitations in Science.

Certain sections of society are carried away by the claims made by some health care products and they tend to believe that these products are the answers to treat all diseases. The fact however, is that most of the time these beliefs turn into disbelief. Then there are certain people who out-rightly reject the idea of consulting a medical doctor when they fall sick, since they believe that the health care products available in the market will alleviate them from their sickness. The continued advertisements of such health care products in various media with claims of banishing all diseases totally finds acceptance amongst the people who tend to take shelter from the hard reality. Such claims are more dangerous and misleading and it is always advisable and necessary to consult a medical doctor when one falls sick.

All health products can by no such stretch of imagination be termed as a medicine. Further, they cannot be consumed / used in the garb of a medicine, or even as a substitute to medicine. Today’s health products can only function as a supportive therapy, by nourishing the human body back to good health, in conjunction with prescribed medication. The purpose of consuming and using health products should be to primarily strengthen our bodies, increase the resistance and immunity levels to counter all ailments and diseases. In this process, the consumer or user can have a healthier and stronger physically fit body.

Products such as Ginseng, Spirulina, are indeed effective in their respective areas and should be consumed by one and all in general for better immunity and body resistance. However, if they are used to treat patients in their role as a supportive therapy, they should be consumed in accordance to the individual needs and ailments of each patient, as advised by a medical doctor, in addition to other prescribed medicines.

It is a known fact that people of different age groups, has varying requirements and standards of health and there cannot be a uniform health code for everyone to practice. It is a natural desire for all human beings, to aspire for good health without falling sick and to retard the ageing process. There are innumerable methods and measures adopted by different strata of society, to keep them healthy. The most common method adopted by one and all is exercising the various parts of the human body, both physically and mentally. Other methods generally used are following a strict balanced diet, in keeping with the individual work functions and having the will power to discard unhealthy habits. In addition to these conventional methods, we have an array of health products to suit different needs and requirements of individuals.

The advent of Bioceramics and Far Infrared Ray Technology has provided a multifaceted wide range of products, which are beneficial to mankind. These products essentially bring you the Goodness of the Sun, encapsulated in the form of bio-ceramics, embedded in fabric of daily wear / use. The bio-ceramics, on contact with human body heat at normal body temperature of 36.9 deg.C, produces Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which is so very beneficial for the sustenance of all life form on this planet.

The major benefits of FIR to the human body are as under:

It helps to maintain blood flow.

It helps to improve the bloods’ Oxygen content.

It helps to improve metabolism efficiency.

It helps to maintain blood pH.

It helps to retard the ageing process.

As already stated earlier all these products conforms to supportive therapy only, for the well being of the human body and should be used in addition to the prescribed medicines recommended by your doctor, in case of an ailment. These products are neither a medicine nor an alternative to medicine and we do not claim preventive and / or curative properties / benefits by usage of these products.

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Sakit Punggung, Maag, Migrain, Tulang Ngilu Sembuh
Rosnani, 33 tahun, Paoman Indramayu
Saya punya keluhan di bagian punggung belakang, sakit maag, migren, tulang terasa ngilu, setiap bangun pagi punggung saya terasa kaku tidak bisa digerakkan. Hampir tiap hari bangun pagi kesakitan dan sangat tersiksa. Pijat refleksi sudah santapan untuk saya. Sore hari saya mandi pakai air hangat yang direbus bersamaan dengan daun sere baru badan saya tersa segar. Tanggal 14 Juli saya dipinjami Kalung Biofir oleh teman, langsung saya pakai. Sesampai di rumah mendadak kepala saya terasa berat dan pusing sekali sampai saya takut. Lalu kalung itu saya copot. Selang beberapa saat kalung itu saya pakai kembali. Subhanallah, Allah Maha Besar yang telah mempertemukan saya dengan Kalung Biofir ini. Saat saya bangun tidur pagi terasa badan dan punggung saya yang tadinya kaku sekarang tidak lagi. Alhamdulillah badan saya terasa segar bugar, langsung saya memutuskan untuk membeli Kalung Bio itu. Kalau melihat dari harganya yang mahal dan bentuk yang biasa saja, saya tidak tertarik dan tidak akan membeli kalung ini. Tapi setelah saya rasakan khasiatnya dan tidak diragukan lagi manfaatnya langsung saya membelinya. Mudah-mudahan Kalung Biofir ini selalu berguna bagi saya dan kaluarga bahkan mungkin bagi teman-teman yang mau merasakannya.
Baca Kisah Nyata yang Lain

Apakah bedanya terapi Biofir dengan terapi magnet?

Terapi Biofir
Biofir berfungsi menggetarkan molekul-molekul air (termasuk di dalam darah, sel, nutrisi, pembuluh darah, syaraf, dan organ-organ tubuh), menguraikan sel-sel darah yang kental menjadi sel-sel darah yang lebih encer. Apabila darah lebih encer maka otomatis peredaran darah menjadi lebih lancar, pengikatan oksigen dan nutrisi lebih maksimal, metabolisme tubuh lebih optimal dan yang penting kerja jantung menjadi lebih ringan. Coba bayangkan kita menyedot jus alpukat yang kental pasti lebih berat dibandingkan yang encer. Sifat terapi yang alami inilah menjadikan terapi Biofir aman untuk anak-anak hingga lansia. Sangat dianjurkan untuk membantu proses kesembuhan dan meningkatkan kesehatan.

Terapi Magnet
Ingat, seluruh organ tubuh kita digerakkan oleh energi-listrik-tubuh, termasuk jantung. Medan magnet menghasilkan medan listrik, demikian pula sebaliknya. Jadi magnet yang dipakaikan ke tubuh berfungsi untuk memperkuat medan-listrik-tubuh kita. Jika medan listrik kuat, maka energi gerak organ tubuh, termasuk jantung, juga akan "lebih kuat" lagi. Inilah yang membuat peredaran darah kemudian menjadi lebih lancar. Tetapi karena pinsip kerjanya yang memacu kerja jantung tersebut, maka terapi magnet kontraindikasi (tidak boleh digunakan) untuk penderita sakit jantung, orang tua, anak-anak dan ibu hamil.

BIOFIR Sangat Bagus untuk Penderita Penyakit Jantung, Sekalipun dengan Alat Pacu Jantung
BIOFIR adalah terapi sinar far infrared (terapi utama) atau sinar infra merah gelombang panjang yang sama dengan gelombang bio-genetik tubuh manusia. Biofir bukan ion negatif, tetapi produk Biofir juga memancarkan ion negatif sebagai pendukung terapi utama. Biofir juga bukan terapi magnet yang sangat tidak dianjurkan untuk penderita jantung (Biofir = 0 Gauss). Produk Biofir aman untuk balita hingga lansia, bagus dan dianjurkan untuk pasien dengan alat pacu jantung atau penderita sakit jantung.

Hanya BIOFirion pertama dan satu-satunya di Asia Tenggara
produk ion negatif yang mendapatkan sertifikasi internasional (aman dan direkomendasikan) oleh JAIRA. Telah diketahui beberapa merk lain mengajukan sertifikasi namun tidak lolos.
BIOFir and BIOFirion are Japan's formula and raw materials.

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