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Prof. Zhang Jian Dong

The Health Benefit On Women By FIR Brassieres

I. Lumps in the breasts (nodules) :
These are formed as a result of the changing of female hormones. For example, prior to menstruation, the breasts are normally swollen and nodules are formed which may sometimes result in pain. This is a normal biological process, however when FIR products are worn, it helps to activate the blood flow thus lessening the nodules and pains. After the period is over, it will automatically return to normal. There are also women who experience lumps in the breast as a result of milk retention after breast-feeding their children. This is because the blood flow in the breast is not smooth and there is a decline in the absorption and recuperation process. If Bioceramic products are worn on a long term basis, it will maintain blood flow to the breast area thus helping to increase the secretion of milk, as well as elevating the absorption process and thwarting the formation of lumps in the breasts. For those who already have nodules in their breast, the improvement in the rate of absorption as well as blood flow may cause their condition to return to normal.

II. Mastedenitis :
The breast of women is an organ which is susceptible to bacterial infections. They are very sensitive and contact with clothing or breast-feeding can cause infection when bacteria enters through the nipples and causes inflammation. Mastadenitis is indeed a very painful experience and if it is not treated properly, surgery may be necessary. This is because there are lots of nutrients in the breasts, which makes them suitable for the propagation of bacteria. If the resistance of the breast against such attacks by bacteria is decreased, there is bound to be problems. The use of Bioceramic products helps to elevate the metabolic rate of the breasts. It is able to facilitate the micro-circulatory system of the breasts. It is able to "clear the path" and "activate the blood" thus elevating resistance against bacteria and preventing ailments.

III. Breast Cancer :
Up till today, there are no health products which can be used to cure breast cancer, but it may be possible to stop the occurence of breast cancer. One of the methods of thwarting the occurence breast cancer is by wearing suitable products made of Bioceramic material.

Breast cancer is the result of complex changes in various ailments. These include unknown internal and external factors, which cause cancer. However, there is one thing which can be ascertained, persistent nodules, long term hormonal imbalance and long term rubbing or the application of force on the breasts are all reasons for the occurrence of breast cancer. Under such circumstances, the flow of blood to the breasts will be interrupted, thus reducing the metabolic rate of the cells. Using suitable products can help to enhance micro-circulation, help to increase the resistance of the breast against diseases and thwart the occurrence of breast cancer as its ultimate aim.

From the above, we have known that the use of Bioceramic products are very wide. They bring about better health, reduce the occurrence of various ailments. That is why it is regarded as the best daily use health care product for the women of today.


There are various types of Bioceramic healthcare products. As stated above, there are many uses in using Bioceramic products. Actually, with the different products and applications, a wide range of ailments can be controlled, as also suffering from these ailments can be reduced.

We suffer from various types of ailments. No matter what the ailments are, they are directly connected with internal disorders of our body. Blood flow, especially the condition of the micro-circulatory system, directly affects the health condition of our bodies. This is in line with the traditional Chinese medical principle that "If it is unblocked, then it is not painful; and if it is painful, then it must be blocked".

If we can fully understand the properties and applications of FIR and fully utilise the Bioceramic products, it will definitely bring about better health to more people.

Note :
The Utilisation of Bio-Ceramics which are capable of emitting FIR has been the subject of research of medical personnel and scientists from China, Japan and Korea, who have been continuously researching into various fields of application of such material for the sake of human health.

As a leader in the introduction of Bioceramic products, we have combined the essential knowledge of various countries and in accordance with the weather, geographical conditions and culture of this region, has introduced Bioceramic products into our daily lives. It has brought about a sharing of knowledge without considerations of national boundaries with only one common objective; to bring about a better and healthier lifestyle for mankind through the usage of Bioceramic products as a natural alternative.

We hope that our products may be able to help you ease the health problems you may have or to enable you to enhance your health for the future.

FIR is a gift of God to be shared as wealth for mankind. Let us make total use of this gift for out betterment.

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Sakit di Punggung, Nyeri di Leher: Malam Sakit, Pagi Sembuh
F. Emilia Malonda, Surabaya
Saya dipinjami kalung ini pas jam 20 malam. Yang meminjami bilang, "Oke kalau Ibu tidak percaya, saya pinjami dan silakan pakai kalung ini, besok pagi jam 7 saya ambil". Saya manut saja dikalungi, memang awalnya saya tidak percaya. Masalah saya adalah sakit, nyeri-nyeri di punggung dan sakit di urat-urat leher. Saya pakai malam itu, dan besok paginya, sakit saya hilang. Saya tidak mau membohongi orang lain dan saya tidak mau memberi informasi yang tidak saya rasakan.
Baca Kisah Nyata yang Lain

Apakah bedanya terapi Biofir dengan terapi magnet?

Terapi Biofir
Biofir berfungsi menggetarkan molekul-molekul air (termasuk di dalam darah, sel, nutrisi, pembuluh darah, syaraf, dan organ-organ tubuh), menguraikan sel-sel darah yang kental menjadi sel-sel darah yang lebih encer. Apabila darah lebih encer maka otomatis peredaran darah menjadi lebih lancar, pengikatan oksigen dan nutrisi lebih maksimal, metabolisme tubuh lebih optimal dan yang penting kerja jantung menjadi lebih ringan. Coba bayangkan kita menyedot jus alpukat yang kental pasti lebih berat dibandingkan yang encer. Sifat terapi yang alami inilah menjadikan terapi Biofir aman untuk anak-anak hingga lansia. Sangat dianjurkan untuk membantu proses kesembuhan dan meningkatkan kesehatan.

Terapi Magnet
Ingat, seluruh organ tubuh kita digerakkan oleh energi-listrik-tubuh, termasuk jantung. Medan magnet menghasilkan medan listrik, demikian pula sebaliknya. Jadi magnet yang dipakaikan ke tubuh berfungsi untuk memperkuat medan-listrik-tubuh kita. Jika medan listrik kuat, maka energi gerak organ tubuh, termasuk jantung, juga akan "lebih kuat" lagi. Inilah yang membuat peredaran darah kemudian menjadi lebih lancar. Tetapi karena pinsip kerjanya yang memacu kerja jantung tersebut, maka terapi magnet kontraindikasi (tidak boleh digunakan) untuk penderita sakit jantung, orang tua, anak-anak dan ibu hamil.

BIOFIR Sangat Bagus untuk Penderita Penyakit Jantung, Sekalipun dengan Alat Pacu Jantung
BIOFIR adalah terapi sinar far infrared (terapi utama) atau sinar infra merah gelombang panjang yang sama dengan gelombang bio-genetik tubuh manusia. Biofir bukan ion negatif, tetapi produk Biofir juga memancarkan ion negatif sebagai pendukung terapi utama. Biofir juga bukan terapi magnet yang sangat tidak dianjurkan untuk penderita jantung (Biofir = 0 Gauss). Produk Biofir aman untuk balita hingga lansia, bagus dan dianjurkan untuk pasien dengan alat pacu jantung atau penderita sakit jantung.

Hanya BIOFirion pertama dan satu-satunya di Asia Tenggara
produk ion negatif yang mendapatkan sertifikasi internasional (aman dan direkomendasikan) oleh JAIRA. Telah diketahui beberapa merk lain mengajukan sertifikasi namun tidak lolos.
BIOFir and BIOFirion are Japan's formula and raw materials.

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